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RSF Series, is a group game created by RShowFreak, on the site The type of Challenges presented in this group game ranges from all type of reality shows and original content, From MTV The Challenge to RShowFreak's original, The Castle.

Generation 1 SeasonsEdit



Season 1

Moolah Beach

Bobrocks333 & Ohhay

(Orange Team)

Season 2 The Mole


(Mole: sakwilla)

Season 3 Survivor East vs West Lilangelbaby
Season 4 Big Brother Mystery Room Bblover96
Season 5 I Love Money Bobrocks333
Season 6 Survivor Atlantis: The Lost Empire Bobrocks333
Season 7 Fresh Meat Bobrocks333 & Nelson
Season 8 The Mole: Return of the Traitor


(Mole: Spinner554)

Season 9 Cutthroat

aiwfwyattroh, johnoliver96

(Red Team)

Season 10 The Castle Bobrocks333
Season 11 The Gauntlet

BOBROCK333, Spinner554, BBlover96, Nbkiller, Jimboslice, Splozojames50, Austinsscott

(Blue Team)

Season 12 Survivor WorldWide Sarge455
Season 13 Battle of the Seasons

Piddu & Supahhero


Season 14 Big Brother 2: Mystery Room 49288
Season 15 The Ruins Splozojames50, Dito, Timster, Turney1805, Piddu, Jharrin7887 (Champions Team)
Season 16 The Amazing Race

Michael222 & Coltsfan876

Season 17 The Duel Ofl1998
Season 18 The Mole: Vengeance is Sweet


(Mole: Splozojames50)

Season 19 Fresh Meat 2

Piddu & Sarge

(Gray Team)

Season 20 A Coach's Game


(Coach: BBlover96)

Generation 2 SeasonsEdit

Season Winner(s)
Season 1 Pirate Master NbKiller
Season 2 Cutthroat

Superlatives & Hall of FameEdit

Generation 1
Generation 2:

Cast MembersEdit

Latest activityEdit

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